Monday, March 06, 2006


like most food bloggers, there are very few pre-packaged goods i purchase since i prefer to make as much of what i eat from scratch. a few of my favorite ready made items: ice cream from the local ice cream shop, fish sauce for pad thai, cecchini "mostarda" for cheese tasting, and today i bought butter cookies for my tea. but not just any butter cookies! these are made by “deseo” in prato (a city known for their “cantuccini” or “biscotti di prato”, made famous by the “biscottificio mattei” company which has been making their “biscotti” since 1858 and packing them in the famous blue paper bags) and what inspired me was the packaging: clear, simple and yummy - i am a sucker for good packaging! when i looked closer, i discovered the "all natural" ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, pinenuts, raisins, fresh eggs, sea salt and chili pepper. so i figured it couldn't hurt to try them. plus, lately my oven hasn't been working so i can't even bake myself a batch of cookies. i have to admit that this batch of butter is a great substitute for homemade. the 1inch x 1inch cookies melt in your mouth with none of that after taste you get from illegible ingredients that you often find in packaged items. instead, the added pinenut, raisin and chili pepper of the deseo cookies gave my tastebuds a delightful aftertaste that lingered on my tongue. deseo also makes “cantuccini” with ingredients like walnuts from sorrento, “do mori” chocolate and almonds from puglia. i have seen them sold in most italian airport stores but i don’t know if you can get them outside of italy yet. if not, you’ll have to come and try them or buy some on-line! as you can see from the photo, the box of cookies didn't last long in my house.....


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