Monday, January 30, 2006


the “bialetti” man can be found in almost every italian household. adorned with his distinctive bow tie, striped pants and moustache he acts as guardian of your coffee as it bubbles through the central brewing spout. the “moka express” is the oldest model “bialetti” brand makes and was originally patented in 1933. it has been slightly modified over the years but the basic design hasn’t changed. we have been through a lot of coffee makers in our house, including many a fancy “alessi” maker. but in the end, we find the best brew comes out of our “bialetti moka express”. as you can see from the photo, it has also been through some rough times - the handle has melted more than once on our gas burners! another added feature: the “bialetti” man puts a smile on your face as you serve up the morning java.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

....te ne regalo una nuova ..... kizzolina ! il manico!!!!!

9:15 AM  

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