Friday, February 17, 2006


i do have an excuse for unwillingly neglecting my blog. here goes: i am back in the united states where i was born and raised, stocking up on family comfort and comfort food (and i haven't had internet access for two weeks!). eventhough i live in pastaland (i.e. italy, or food paradise) there are several things i do miss from time to time: a proper char-grilled burger, unagi sushi, indian thali, mexican tacquitos and old fashioned malts, just to name a few! however, my first stop when i am back on u.s. soil is often for some mexican flavor. my love for mexican food could be connected to the time i spent there as a small child chowing on "tortillas" and "frijoles". but my guess is that it is simply the foodie d.n.a. i was born with. so, this trip, first port of call: guacamole central. as i sipped on my icey "negra modelo" beer our chef prepared guacamole from scratch directly in a "molcajete" dish at our table.

a quick swirl of onion, cilantro and jalapeno to start.....perfectly ripe pulp from a shimmering black/green bumby skinned avocado, and another twirl. and last, finely chopped tomatoes and salt swiftly tossed with a wooden spoon. i scooped up the divine mixture with my crispy white corn tortilla chips and dove in, leaving only a few scraps for my parents.............i'll let my father demonstrate our tastebud experience:

so i wonder if my excuse pardons me for briefly abandoning my blog?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rosa Mexicano?

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Eric said...

Good to have you back Kishko! Mexican looks great, and fresh Guacamole made at the table. Very cool!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous valentina said...

the face of yr father makes you feeling the flavour and the smell of the food is tasting,the colours of the guacamole are like the ones of a painting you can live and feel inside from the moment you take the first bite!!!
keep on going kiki....

1:53 PM  

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