Sunday, July 09, 2006

MINI GUINESS (sort of)

coffee is a very personal beverage. some like it at the bar, some prefer it at home served up from a coffee press or from a “moka” machine. in italy you can enjoy coffee in countless variations. for example:
espresso normale (single espresso)
espresso doppio (double espresso)
macchiato freddo (with a drop of cold milk)
macchiato caldo (with a drop of hot steamed milk)
lungo (or “long” meaning that they let extra water filter through the coffee)
corto (or “short” meaning a small espresso)
in vetro (in a glass)
cappuccino caldo (very hot cappuccino)
cappuccino tiepido (luke warm cappuccino)
caffe' latte (you all know what that is!)
latte macchiato (“stained” milk, which is milk with a drop of coffee in it)
and the list goes on and on, offering something for absolutely everyone! my idea of the perfect coffee is the kind you can drink straight out of a shot glass, no sugar, no milk. when the coffee is so pure and smooth that it just doesn’t need anything! it might sound strange, but even in italy (i should specify: northern italy, otherwise the southern italians, who pride themselves on their coffee, will boycott my blog!) i find there are very few places that actually make such a divine nectar anymore. i often go for a cappuccino when i am not familiar with a venue. however, when i become a regular somewhere, then i know exactly what i want and how i want it: caffe’ normale in vetro with a rich and thick head on it resembling a mini pint of guiness!

bar bellini
san lorenzo mercato centrale


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cuppa Joe heh? Looks good to me, maybe I'll start drinkin em in Vetro.

mr. E

6:30 PM  
Anonymous keiko said...

Hi Kishko - I can't live without coffee, your post has made me make another cup of espresso ;) Beautiful picture.

1:33 PM  
Blogger kishko said...

keiko - you must come to florence for a visit and a coffee! we could have a blogger reunion with ilva!

11:19 PM  

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