Monday, July 03, 2006


it is not so easy to get good reads in english when you need them here in florence. don’t get me wrong, there are some decent haunts, like the paperback exchange and some newsstands carry a good collection of books and magazines in english. not cheap, but good. but whenever mr. e. or i make a trip to the u.k. or to the states we come back with piles of “rags” (better known as magazines) and books. last week, mr. e. was in london on business and i was the lucky recipient of brand spankin’ new eye and brain food.

here they are:

the perfectionist, by rudolph chelminski
this book has been popping up on my screen for months every time i go to visit pim. it is about the life and death of the geat chef bernard loiseau. i haven’t finished it yet, but at 150 pages into it, i am hooked. ANY food blogger will enjoy this read.

les halles cookbook, by anthony bourdain (a signed copy!)
written in true bourdain style, he manages to express smells and flavors through his words. and, he always saves space for a good laugh. the introduction opens with: “this is not a cookbook......i will assume only that you can handle a knife with reasonable competence, without being a danger to yourself or others....”

food & wine magazine, july 2006 issue
interesting review of the best new chefs of 2006 and an article on “the state of french cuisine” featuring francois simon from le figaro.

cook’s illustrated, august 2006 issue
i have always read this on line and only purchased copies when i am back in the states. i have finally splurged on a one year subscription. this is definitely my favorite foodie magazine (saveur takes 2nd place). void of advertising, they are free to write what they want to, when they want to and however they want to!


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