Friday, May 19, 2006


i rationed the zucchini purchase i made with ilva on wednesday into two portions. tonight, a super simple tasty recipe:

zucchini sautéed with mint and garlic

1 large whole clove garlic
300grams whole zucchini (about 6 medium zucchini), cut lengthwise into 3 or 4 pieces and then slice the pieces into thin strips
2 sprigs fresh mint, whole
olive oil
chili pepper or chili oil (optional)

put the ingredients in desired sauté pan in the following order: garlic, zucchini, mint, salt and oil. sauté on high heat for about 5-10 minutes, depending no how crunchy you like your veggies. i am serving it tonight as a side dish to an indian meal of vegetable pulau and grilled marinated chicken breasts. if all goes well, i’ll post those recipes too!


Blogger ilva said...

Aha, now I know what happened to them! Sounds great!

2:50 PM  
Anonymous keiko said...

Looks/sounds absolutely delish - I love simple things :)

4:47 PM  
Blogger Tracie B. said...

have you seen zuccini tondi? they have them at the fruttivendolo downstairs. they are so cute--i'll post a picture of them soon.

7:21 PM  
Blogger kishko said...

oh yes! they are great stuffed!
look forward to that picture.......

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Ivonne said...

I'm jealous that you're already enjoying fresh zucchini and blossoms. Sounds delicious!

8:24 PM  

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