Wednesday, April 19, 2006


as was browsing through the paper back exchange english bookstore today i came across this fun find. it gives a brief history behind the street names in florence. this book is probably not something you would carry with you if you are touring around florence for the first time. i would assume that rick steve’s, fodor’s or let’s go might be your companions instead. however, when you live here you can’t get enough of curious little historical facts. for example, on many street signs you will see two different street names: the current name and the old name. and it can be interesting to understand that a street was called tintori (dyers) because at one time they dyed wool in that road. or onesta’ (which means honesty) is where the onesta’ department of the city government resided. the department was made up of "eight citizens who were supposed to oversee public morality"!. a lot of names are of course very straight forward like antinori where the antinori family had several houses or terme (thermal baths) where the roman thermal baths were. if you want to add useful and some useless informational tidbits to your journey through florence, this is a great resource!


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or better yet, why don't you read it an tell us!

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